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Mindfulness Meditation involves training your mind to slow down negative and intrusive thoughts and calm your mind and body. Mindfulness Meditation should be incorporated in everyday health practice for holistic living. Mindfulness Meditation focuses on “the present moment” and encourages you to achieve your ideal mental health by completely surrendering to the present moment, and accepting your thoughts, emotions and experiences as and when they arise. You can practice Mindfulness Meditation by either doing some activity, dancing, doing dishes, walking, or you can even practice while sitting still. It can help you reduce stress, promote better sleep, increase positive emotions, restructure your thinking process, among other benefits. Here I incorporate different Mindfulness-based interventions: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Mindfulness Self Compassion (MSC) to design a session for you to achieve holistic health that you desire. From professional to personal reasons, or just to kickstart your meditation practice, feel free to reach out to me!The sessions are held weekly lasting for 6-8 weeks. The duration and length of the session are flexible depending on the needs of the client. Still, have more questions? A free consultation is provided for you to get detailed insights into the sessions that will be manualised just for you. 


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Frequently Asked

The time decided for the practice is 6 to 8 hours once a week.

We have a hassle-free contact service for you all; you can always reach out to us by filling the contact form on the website to get the quote or fee information.

Every mindful practise is helpful. Furthermore, there is no question that every individual is skilled to infer the advantages of mindfulness practice if practised authentically.

The aim is to assist people to feel prepared such that mindfulness gets extended to achieve fascination, an everyday pursuit of life, which includes their relationships, business, and lifestyle.

Yes! We are the curator and designer of the entire program. And all your thoughts and details remain utterly confidential. 

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Of course, Yes! If you require any assistance in the future, you can always reach out to us, and we will happily assist you. We encourage you with our support. In addition, we will provide you with one free consultation before the systematized session, scheduled and curated just for you!

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