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Kovid- a Step Towards Treating Covid-19

By Suhasini Garg

Since the beginning of time, humans have been posed with a variety of death-posing problems- hunger, wild animals, diseases, natural disasters, etc. But through our intelligence, our will to survive, coupled with a slow but strong boost from evolution, we overcame it all. We cooked food to avoid starvation, built homes to keep us safe, developed vaccines, and took precautions. Even though there have been a few pandemics that wiped out thousands of our people, we have always come out on the better side of it through our survival skills, herd immunity, and science.

The coronavirus pandemic we face today is taking a toll on doctors, scientists, and governments. The process of finding a vaccine or cure is a slow battle and so far, we are barely making through.

Among the various preventive steps that have been taken by the government, one major issue it faces is conducting tests at a faster, reliable, and cost-effective rate. People all around the world are trying day and night to remove this hurdle.

Following their HelloPlant initiative, ThinkClock Innovation Labs has come up with a unique, cost-effective solution to combat this issue and help people get a better understanding of their health. Kovid is an ultra-low-cost solution that will examine your lungs and identify any possible infections inside.

This device can be plugged into your computer or phone and will generate real-time insights about what is happening inside your lungs. Not only will it help us identify early signs of Covid-19 but also any other lung disease that we may contract in the future. It can act as a secondary intervention.

Lungs are the first body part to be targeted in Coronavirus and many other infections as well. Easy identification of any sign of infection in them would be vital towards getting timely medical help and possibly reduce the death rate.

Covid-19 has clasped the entire world with fear. Any breakthroughs, at a reasonable cost, will save priceless human lives. There are no treatments for coronavirus as of now, but through careful monitoring, precautions, and following WHO guidelines, I am hopeful we will win this fight, just like countless others our species has done before.

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