Divyanshi Garg

Don’t Worry, It Is Okay To Quit.

When to know it is time to leave your job for good.

Quitting has always been understood as a synonym for failure. Why would you want to be a quitter? If you have started doing something, then better have the guts to finish the job. If you leave, then you are a failure because successful people don’t quit. Boy, are they wrong!

Even though I agree that finishing what you started is a good principle to live by, however, not everything that is started needs to be executed till completion. For example, a bad relationship, dead-end job, or simply a lifestyle you have fallen out of love with.

If you don’t leave, then you are bargaining with the manifestation of your dream life.


  1. The environment is emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and/or spiritually toxic.
  2. There is no space to grow.
  3. You look forward to the weekend. You make excuses for not going to work/school.
  4. You just feel it inside.
  5. This is not how you pictured your ideal life.
  6. You feel as if you don’t belong there.
  7. You are not learning anything worthwhile.
  8. You are unable to connect with people surrounding you.
  9. You feel as if you deserve something better.

If you said yes, to one or more for the statements above, you need to run for your life from that soul-sucking comfort providing place. You don’t need to listen to the people around you regarding what you should or should not do. You are your caretaker. They might care about you but you would be the one living with the consequences of your decisions. And anyway, nobody understands what is good for you, better than you. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Last year I opted out of a prestigious course I had enrolled myself in. Even though the institute was reputed, the disseminating bits of knowledge and idiosyncrasies of the trainers were subpar. Their attitudes were highly discriminative, unhealthy and students dragged their hours crossing each day on the calendar looking forward to their freedom.

Now some might say that hard work and perseverance is required if you have to achieve something and successful people need to pay their dues. Contradictorily, I perceive there is no law in the world which states that you have to be miserable to be successful. You need to be protective of your time, energy, and efforts if you wish to establish your value.

The only question you need to ask before quitting is: Is this the only way to reach my goal? Moreover, does this make me question my passion everyday? And when deep inside you know leaving is the right thing to do, quit without hesitation and convert your what-ifs into can-dos. Amen.

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