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Can Procrastination Be Good For You?

Procrastination conceptually refers to putting off things to do later. Procrastination is achieved when:

  • The delayed task is of more importance than its substituted task.
  • The substituted task is more pleasurable than the designated task.
  • The rewards of the substituted task are immediate.

Procrastination provides bliss, if only, for a short period. I, being a chronic procrastinator, can vouch for that. I used to indulge myself in the digital world of “networking”, binge-watching on “Friends” TV series for the 100th time parroting the dialogues, and plugging into my earphones to goof off into my imaginative hiding place.

I am pretty sure, not only all of you have been responsible for putting a “later” tag on your duties, but have googled ways to get rid of it. Everyone has watched “How not to procrastinate” videos and articles at some point in their life. Am I right?

Procrastination is a segment of human reality. What cannot be eliminated, should be accepted. Instead of fighting the urge to procrastinate, accept it as a part that exists within you, and channel it efficiently.

How to Procrastinate Productively

  • Learning a new skill can not only refresh your mind but can also enhance your creativity and performance.
  • Work on a task with a less strenuous deadline and checking it off your to-do list might motivate you to finish all the pending work.
  • Listening to or Podcasts can be a great way to get inspired. You can watch podcasts on Google podcast, Apple podcast, or Spotify
  • Unplug from technology when procrastinating to channel your boredom creatively.
  • Instead of focusing on completing the task, engage in the “5-minute rule” by Kevin Systrom. Work on the said task for 5-minutes and then close it off. Even though you had not completed it, at least the thought of initiation would help to carry it on in the future. But more often than not, once you start working on a task, you WILL find yourself bringing it to completion.
  • If I tell you to work out, you might think of it as a ruse I have built up to make you get off your butt and exercise. Well, working out can not only drastically improve your brainpower, and productive energy, but now you can finally check off “exercise” from your today’s list as an added bonus.

There can be other ways to postpone your chore. Find something that suits you, like meditation, cleaning, or cooking. The key is to find something relaxing and productive at the same time. Do NOT go confusing productive procrastination from distraction.

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