Divyanshi Garg

How Can Logotherapy Help Me?

The ultimate aim for our existence is to find the purpose of our birth. Suffering is one of the ways to reach to this epiphany. Humans possess the tendency to logically evaluate events in their life. If people feel their suffering has meaning, they are able to endure and thrive despite tragedy (Frankl, 1963, 1984, 1986). However, suffering without meaning leads to distress and hopelessness. 

It is crucial to understand the objective behind the meaning-centered psychotherapy. Logotherapy does not glorify suffering. If the suffering can be avoided, it must be, at all costs if it can be. However, if the the event you face is an opportunity for growth or an unavoidable suffering, in such cases, will to meaning can be empowering and liberating. Because no matter what happens, life has a meaning indefinitely. 

In most cases, the unavoidable suffering occurs in three facets: pain, guilt and death. As a mental health professional, the strategy would be to help the client pave their path from meaninglessness to a purposeful life. Accepting and thriving in the face of unavoidable suffering is a striking evidence of human potential and dignity.

Once we find meaning in suffering and re-purpose our life around it, we no longer cease to suffer. Suffering comes from a victim mindset and logotherapy alchemises it into triumphs. 

In case of guilt, people usually blame others: family, society, external circumstances for their wrong behaviors or less than desirable state of life. Hence, they blame others while feeling guilty abut their doings. Logotherapy can help you realize that actions in the present moment, are in your power. They have the potential to detach from the past, learn from it and rise above it. 

Finally, accepting death and the transitoriness of our life helps us to becoming more responsible for our actions. The aim should be to shed all the fears, limiting beliefs, and thrive in the ups and downs of life. The goal is to live a regret-free life. 

Sometimes the suffering is so traumatic and intense,it becomes impossible to see the meaning behind it with all the pain and losses around us. Discovering this meaning in life and not falling into the traps of existential vaccum and neurosis, logotherapy provides literature and guides to facilitate your journey to meaning. 

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