How my morning routine has made me productive

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How you spend your mornings or the first couple of hours after waking up, sets an intention for the rest of your day. It took a while for me to transition from being a night owl to an early pigeon. For me, starting my day bright and early has proved much more beneficial than slothing into the night.

Now I am not suggesting that only early risers get the worm, it all depends on which sleep-wake cycle suits your body. And if you, unlike me, find yourself at your creativity’s peak after the sun has set, then who am I to argue! However, if, like me, you find yourself sluggish, brain farting, or end up binge-watching literally anything, because you just can’t concentrate, then you might want to consider tweaking your sleep-wake schedule a bit. 

After a month of experimenting and procrastinating, I have finally found the perfect blueprint for my day.

“Your morning routine can make or break your day. Choose wisely”

  • Waking up at 4:30 am. Consistency in my sleep-wake pattern leaves me feeling energetic and relaxed. Every body’s needs are different. Therefore there is no rule of thumb on how many hours one needs to sleep. It all comes down to how much rest your mind and body requires in general, or on that particular day. 
  • No phone rule. I am still guilty of this one. But I have tried to considerably cut down the time I spend on my phone in the mornings. After a cursory glance over the notifications, I am ready to part ways with my phone.
  • Drinking warm water. The internet is filled with literature supporting the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning. Some people prefer to mix either lemon, honey, or green tea leaves in their water and every drink serves its purpose. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach has worked well for my body’s digestion. 
  • Journaling. I do not journal daily. The day I find my mind buzzing with thoughts or a particular thought in general, I pour it out on the pages of my journal. Keeping a thought journal has been cathartic to me.
  • Meditation. There are different types of meditation practices one can choose from depending on their level of experience and preference. My meditation session mainly consists of breathing meditation, and mantra (Om) meditation which lasts for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes. 
  • Morning read. I have prepared my reading list for this year and currently, I am reading “Messages from the Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss. I resonate with his beliefs on mind existing as a powerful all-encompassing entity, spirituality, and past-life regression. Picking up a book in the morning reduces my screen time and sets up a more mindful and relaxed pace for the day.
  • Exercise. Okay, exercise time! I mostly go for a run/walk or I will just find an interesting at-home workout video on YouTube that interests me for the day. Throughout my health journey, my focus has significantly shifted from weight loss to fitness. My earlier exercises were chosen on the basis of their duration, intensity, or the number of calories it claimed to burn. However, as I began to love and accept my body, my approach to exercise changed as well. The physical movements I perform daily are because I enjoy doing them and not because I want to lose weight or burn a certain number of calories. 
  • Breakfast. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For someone who loves food, I need to start my day with eating something that will make me happy and satisfied. My current breakfast obsession is vegan banana protein pancakes paired with almond butter, date syrup, and fruits. And yes, I prepare everything from scratch. Since I am an intuitive eater, I approach food as something that provides nourishment and fuel to my body.

This concludes my morning and now I can finally start my day by feeling happy and energetic (mostly because of the pancakes. Don’t judge me!)


An early start to the day provides me with sufficient hours at my disposal to meet my daily deadlines at a comfortable pace. Waking up early was initially a bit of a struggle for me, however, morning work sessions have proven much more productive than pulling all-nighters. Understanding the workings of my body has turned me into a more intuitive person. In retrospect, living a consistent life has enhanced my creativity and efficiency. I feel more active, happy, and peaceful.

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