7 Reasons Why It’s Good To Have a Younger Sister

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The date is 12th August. And today I thought to break my “always bossing around” character and take a moment to appreciate my sister’s existence in my life since today is her birthday.

So with her favorite Mac n cheese in the oven and me devouring my favorite chocolate and blueberry cupcakes, I began to list out all the ways on how she has made my life better. Because let’s be honest guys! sisters are the best.

So here are all ways I cherish her and hope she doesn’t get too smug about it. *Fingers crossed*

Here we go!

  1. She makes me feel important. Younger sisters always imitate the elder ones. It is annoying, I know, but to be honest, it’s flattering as well. A simple act of imitation can make you feel so important. The faith she puts in me, by asking for advice on everything, from trivial issues like what to wear to important stuff like relationship or career makes me feel valued. It hikes up my self-esteem.
  2. She motivates me to get out of the comfort zone. My sister has always been a go-getter extrovert, severely contradicting my introverted personality. She pushes me to have new experiences with her. And frankly having her by my side through these new adventures doesn’t seem scary enough.
  3. She is my biggest cheerleader. No matter what I decide on doing in my life, I can count on her to stand on the sidelines and woot my name till I cross that finish line. She makes me feel empowered as if I can achieve anything I want.
  4. She makes me more responsible. Having a younger sister augments a sort of maternal instincts in you. It makes me more mature, and cautious than I have ever been for my self.
  5. She makes me live my life to the fullest. Sisters are your literal BFFs. Going through life’s ups and downs with her not only makes me feel safe but her presence adds subtle humor to my sorrows as well. My sister is my partner in crime when it comes to trying out new things.
  6. She is my biggest critic. Don’t get me wrong, she always has my back. But I can expect a good scolding after being rescued from a bad decision.
  7. Always up for some talk therapy. Deep talks with her always adds a new perspective to my insight. Not only she opens me up to introspections, but simply having someone listen to your random stuff with love and devoid of any judgment can be pure cathartic.

Salud to all the sisters in the world. “Your sisters will always annoy you, irritate you, fight with you, make you laugh, protect you, admire you, adore you, but most importantly, they will always LOVE YOU.”

Happy Birthday, Sis!

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